Critiks Music, European electro pop band from Belgium has made a strong impact in the music scene with its unique creativity.

Critiks Music is a European electro-pop group from Belgium. Currently, they are working on expanding their reach to find fans across the world. The band offers a unique approach to music that offers deep themes, a variety of languages for their amazing lyrics, and a stylish sound that makes them distinctive.

The band was born in 2016 in Binche, Belgium. It brought together a songwriter from this region and an artist and composer, a Tournaisian talent. Gil Vasa founded the group. Today, he continues to work and develops both lyrics and music with a passion strong enough to sweep anyone from their feet. The band discusses important topics in their music, universal themes that are likely to resonate with a wide variety of listeners. Their songs are all about love, breakups, reunions, and all the trials and tribulations of relationships, from matters like the friendzone to the rebirth one, can experience in relation to another person. 

Something that has distinguished the project from the start is the use of a wide variety of languages. They have sung and recorded in French, English, Portuguese, Romanian, and Albanian, which adds a lot of flair to the songs and allows the artists to explore their topics in more depth and make use of the different cadences of a variety of languages.

Critiks Music offers a continuously growing music catalog. It features a 6-track EP with songs on different themes, including the track Phoenix that also has a video clip to go along with it. In addition, the group has a 1-hour live show and is currently working on developing two more videos for their music.


The most popular track (and for a good reason) the group has streaming on Spotify, and other platforms is Alive. It is an emotional track that expresses a lot of raw feelings. With English lyrics, it explores a variety of themes and has a hopeful vibe and message.

Alive was a single released in 2020, and in 2021, Critiks Music followed it up with I Owe You, another powerful euro-pop track. It offers a catchy beat that does not make the song shallow, and the lyrics have a lot of meanings to explore. 

Critiks Music is a project to watch out for. They are sure to thrill fans of international pop with electronic beats, strong vocals, emotional lyrics, and a lot of passion. Their songs can take the listener on a journey around the world through the languages they use. With themes of relationships, love, rejection, and reunion, many listeners will find texts that speak to them and also talk of their experiences through art.


You can check out I Owe YouAlive, and other projects streaming on Spotify. Follow Critiks Music on YouTube and make sure to subscribe and hit the notifications bell in order to get notified of their next uploads, which promise a lot of style and enjoyment. Stay tuned for future releases and projects that guarantee substance, uniqueness, and a sound that captivates and stays with you.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Gil Vasa from Critiks Music. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi, Great to have you with us today. Please tell us more about Critiks Music.

Critiks Music is an electro-pop project born in 2016 in Binche, Belgium, as a result of a collaboration between a singer/songwriter from Tournai and a singer/songwriter from Binche. Within this group’s musical ‘universe,’ a number of sentimental themes are explored, including “Friendzone,” break-ups, and the anguishes of love on the one hand, but also those of ‘rebirth’ and hope. 

In addition to the different themes addressed, the distinctiveness of this project lies in the number of languages used in various songs, including French, English, and Portuguese, as well as Romanian and Albanian. 


In terms of content, the group has an album divided into two parts: one part melancholic with a focus on the difficulties of love via the songs “Over again,” “Distance,” “Broken,” and “Good-bye forever“, the other part with a focus on hope and celebration through the songs “Make the world a better place,” “I give you one more chance,” “We could be more than friends,” “Phoenix“, and two very personal tracks “Alive” and “I owe you“. 


Alive” is a positive and catchy track, the cry of a 50-year-old man who’s never really found his place within the world in which he lives, never satisfied with his life, he decides to change his view and make the most of each day, to find truth and reality within music that, whilst still electro, is more festive and claims his right to feel alive. 

I owe you” is a festival and party-like sound which makes a change direction more lively. 

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You can visit our Instagram @critiks_music.


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