Music Artist Cold Sholda’s latest EP ‘CAESAR’ inspires audience with thought-provoking and exciting hip hop tracks.


CAESAR is the new EP from Cold Sholda. The album celebrates the historical figure, retold and retooled for modern audiences through a series of exciting tracks. 

The album’s genre is defined as hip-hop, boom-bap traditional East Coast rap by the artist. It brings together Cold Sholda’s Italian heritage and urban sensibilities to build a new type of music that inspires young people, especially those with Italian blood as well.

Cold Sholda creates a distinct sound and imagery. His albums showcase a series of artistic portraits, the current one inspired by Caesar, playing with the colors and also toying with the meanings of the historical figure he means to honor with this album.

Cold Sholda has made his Italian heritage a big part of his art. The New Rome movement is a social campaign that he has been advancing to inspire young people of Italian descent to be proud of this and imitate the leaders of their past, rather than gangsters. CAESAR is the next piece within this movement, honoring and examining this important figure with a modern lens, but this should only be taken as a history lesson. It has a bold and inspiring sound that offers rap with a deeper meaning and a series of layers that draw from Italian history and its past’s scholarly and noble figures.

The album sticks with Cold Sholda’s distinct aggressive and high-energy style of rapping. However, the focus of the songs goes beyond bragging and instead strives to be inspirational for youth. The rapper is someone who knows firsthand the impact of violence and hopes to steer others away from it towards a New Rome.

CAESAR provides an interesting mix of sounds and ideas, juxtaposing the aggressive style and the lyrics to create a distinct effect and draw in a varied audience. It is likely to be enjoyed by rap and hip-hop fans looking for something new and fresh or hoping to discover artists with new influences. It is likely to be especially appreciated by those interested in Italian culture, Italian heritage, or with a fondness for the country. Cold Sholda, while based in the U.S., has a wide listener base from Italy as well. CAESAR follows a line of releases with a similar style and powerful inspirational energy, especially those who can learn from their mighty Roman ancestors.

CAESAR stands out for its distinctive sound and aggressive style and the mix of history and modernity that brings a relatively unique theme for rap to the forefront. With a powerful influence from Italian culture, the album definitely brings something new to the table. It adds a fresh voice to the rap scene that draws from new sources of inspiration and offers a new source of inspiration. CAESAR fits surprisingly well with a rap beat.

About the Artist

Sebastian Zinna, a.k.a. “Cold Sholda,” grew up on the tough streets of Gravesend, Brooklyn, one block from the projects, and was raised on an ave full of coffee shops and social clubs if not for his love of hip-hop who knows where he would be now. It was a heavy mob stomping ground, something you see in movies, but he wanted more to life than to get stuck in that trap like many ogs before him. They schooled him that life leads nowhere, so he took his energy and put it towards rap, this MC who has been spitting rhymes his entire life. His New York style and flavor have been compared to Nas, Canibus, and Wutang, among others.

We got in touch with the artist to talk about his latest album. Here is what he had to say!

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please provide a brief description of your latest album. 

For this album, I wanted to push the envelope by creating a whole new wave for myself while others use that same mafia angle to display their lyrical abilities. I chose to center my album around one of the greatest people n generals ever to live, Julius Caesar. Using Easter eggs throughout the whole process 23-day promo campaign, which the same amount of times he was stabbed releasing on his actual birthday and things of that nature to make this album a one of a kind truly. This masterpiece blends real-life Brooklyn Italian street stories with Ancient Rome and not come off corny is hard to do, but only I can do it.

In your own words, please describe the movement in detail.

When I started rapping, I was in my teens. At that time in school, we began learning about Ancient Rome, and it always fascinated me. I would always mention Caesar or something Roman in my lyrics since I started because I am a proud Italian American. The mob life always turned me off because of the Italian on Italian violence, but things did hit me until I started seeing everyone promote the mafia stereotype in the Hip-hop game, and I didn’t want to follow suit. I wanted to promote unity amongst fellow Italian artists trying to help educate our youth that they are more than gangsters and guidos. They are kings, architects & scientists in other worlds. You are descendants of the greatest, and on top of that, Italy is and has been under attack by mass migrants at the cost of us losing it all. Italian rappers in Italy copy the worst American artists with tattooed faces & promoting drug use. I decided that I will risk it all to defend my people, and it gave me a purpose rather than just glorifying the street life, which leads nowhere. I give hope to all young Italians everywhere that if we stick together to defend our culture, we can build a NEW ROME.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find my music on Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow me on Instagram @cold_sholda.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!