CJ Ice’s new single “Snappin” has created ripples in the Hip Hop & Rap music industry!!

CJ Ice’s new release is the head-banger track “Snappin.”

“Snappin” is a fresh hip-hop/rap track that puts the artist on the radar of many listeners interested in deep lyrics and a new approach to classic genres that add an interesting spin to traditional music.

CJ Ice is an emerging rapper that has been putting out consistently interesting new releases, and “Snappin” is the latest one. His previous releases have included the album Chillmatic with seven popular tracks that became quite the topic in 2018. In 2019, he continued with “Agent 00″ and “Iceolated.” Recent releases have included songs like “Shine”, “Still Here”, “Feelings”, and finally “Snappin.” The songs have stood out for the strong vocals of CJ Ice, a careful selection of visuals, and an approach to lyrics and songwriting that has focused mainly on philosophical themes presented in an accessible way. With carefully curated art and gorgeous covers, CJ Ice is playing the long game to make his listeners into true fans of the music.




CJ Ice stands out for rhythmic, almost hypnotic beats and also a deep voice that enthralls the listener. A combination of a powerful beat, voice, and strong lyrics make the song memorable and worth it for any fan of rap who wants to step outside the typical offerings and explore what the indie scene has to offer. This song, like previous tracks, such as Iceolated, also draws on modern and popular themes and imagery, such as the idea of a superhero and the philosophical implications of such pop-culture concepts. The ice theme definitely appears throughout his works, too, just to add to the fun and offers a bit of levity as well. CJ Ice has been working hard to get his music to the listeners, and today there are many options to explore from this artist, with more on the way.

The song is especially recommended for fans of rap, those interested in complex lyrics and themes, and those looking for a worthy representative of the hip-hop indie scene. Check out CJ Ice for interesting and novel songs touching on deep themes, for rhythmic and hypnotic beats that will keep you hooked, a fun pop-culture twist, and a lot of influences from classic rap. 

CJ is currently residing in North Carolina and is also available for bookings and events.

 “Snappin” is available now on Spotify and other major platforms. Follow him on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram @yourhostcj.