Christos Tsantillis hopes to help people who have been hurt by gun violence through his genre-bending single ‘Shiny Gun’.

Christos ‘Stos’ Tsantilis, previously of the band NOSUGA, has released a single twenty years in the making, titled ‘Shiny Gun.’

Christos is an artist with a long trajectory and multiple awards. He has been nominated for the GRAMMYs and is a multi-platinum recording and mix engineer. He has worked with Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner Brothers, Rawkus, LOUD, and Def Jam to MCA and Virgin, and in studios like The Hit Factory, Electric lady studios, P. Diddy studios, The cutting room, Stadium red, Chung king, Battery Studios , Quad studios, The engine room, and many more. NOSUGA holds a special place for him, as today he dedicates himself mostly to sound mixing and editing, as well as project management. With over 120 thousand hours of mixing experience and 20 million records sold, he is a recognized industry pro who puts his everything into each piece of the mixes, produces, and more.

The song was first written in 2002 by the band NOSUGA, to which Stos used to belong. The song was aimed to focus primarily on difficult topics and was written in response to the suicide of a friend. However, the wound was still too painful, and the song never got released. However, now, Stos felt that it would help him express his emotions about the violence that currently goes on around the globe. He believes that we need songs that touch and discuss heavy topics, not just fun party songs or love songs, though they are, of course, important. For Christos, the song was a path to healing from everything he experienced. He addresses the song to anyone who has been hurt by gun violence and hopes it helps them too.

The song does a balancing act in terms of genres, featuring rock, blues, and rap. With a complex beat and stunning vocals, the song’s lyrics make a powerful statement about gun violence and the way it erupts into our lives.

NOSUGA is a project Stos has coordinated for years. The other single they released was Hot Girl Light Me Up, created, executive produced, coordinated, overseen, mixed, and produced by Tsantilis and done with the objective to build awareness for the American Cancer Society. Now, NOSUGA comes back with another awareness-raising project on a problem that claims comparably as many lives as cancer.

This gives the song a special meaning and sense of gravity that cannot be found just anywhere in the modern indie and mainstream markets. The song hits hard, and the pain that is still there can be felt.  

Shiny Gun is available on Apple Music as well. The song comes with a warning for gun violence and a serious topic tackled through art. Christos can also be contacted through his website, as he provides high-level mixing and sound editing services. Shiny Gun is just the newest offering in a long professional trajectory.

About Christos ‘Stos’ Tsantilis

Christos Tsantillis

Christos Tsantilis is a multi-platinum engineer, GRAMMY-nominated producer, quality control engineer, technical writer, acoustic designer, and much more. Beginning his career wanting to become a better producer, Christos decided to learn the art of engineering — and his extensive discography proves he hasn’t stopped since. He has hundreds of thousands of hours of experience under his belt, including owning recording studios, consulting, designing, tracking, mixing, marketing, and educating. Christos has equipped himself with a vast amount of knowledge. With over 20 million records sold, he has always been an intricate part of the music industry. Christos’ talent runs deep within the music industry’s history, from pioneer Bobby Robinson (owner of Enjoy Records) to today’s superstars.

You can check out Instagram @humungismusic.