Check’a Fred has turned up the heat with magnificent hip hop vibes in his latest single ‘Itty Bitty !’


Check’a Fred is back, this time with his new single Itty Bitty !. This track focuses more on his lifestyle. Check’a Fred is growing pretty popular these days, but it wasn’t always that way. He started rapping at the young age of 15 back in 2014 and has never looked back. He hails from Illinois, and he unleashed his potential and passion for hip-hop sounds. He has also caused a powerful breakthrough because of his music and lyricism. He founded the record label Rawthenic Records which has discovered artists like Malik Bolden.

It seems Check’a Fred has a different kind of energy level reflected in his powerful hip-hop music. His latest album, ‘’Check Mate !‘’, appears to reflect this level of energy pretty well. ‘’Check Mate !‘’ has a total of 13 songs, of which Itty Bitty ! is one.





Itty Bitty ! is particularly hard-hitting. Check’ a Fred has blended contemporary sound with classical hip-hop, which attracts listeners. It draws them inside as he expresses himself in a very vulnerable manner to connect with his audience. The entire song essentially sums up Check’a Fred’s lifestyle. He’s known to be a playboy who goes around partying in nightclubs. In fact, if you have heard the song, you’ll know it has a nice catchy beat to it. You know, the kind you hear in nightclubs, you would want to get on the floor and start hip-hopping to the beat. It’s pretty catchy, and it gives a front-seat view into the life of Check’a Fred and his outlook on the world. It’s definitely a song you should listen to if you want to connect with him.

Also, have you seen the music video? Is it not the perfect view of his lifestyle? He really does bring out his authentic self in this video. It’s how he wants to live. It’s basically how an artist should live. Partying and enjoying life to the fullest. Life is too short to worry about the small things in life, and that’s all Check’a Fred wants to teach us.

The track is a blend of different types of music. It starts with hip-hop, and then there comes this chilled dance groove. Then, the electronic comes in, but it has a slow but effective beat to it. And it’s impressive how well all of this music just blends. When you listen to it, you won’t really feel that anything is out of place. He’s a true magician with music. It seems so effortless.

Check’a Fred throws in some lyrics which talk about the world of clubs. He mentions the thrill of chasing this life, and in a surprise twist, he also mentions his misspent youth. This kind of makes the audience feel more connected to it. Because let’s face it, all of us did things in our youth we are not really proud of. So that hits home on another level.

The song is modern hip-hop and modern culture. It’s about young people chasing their life. You can always follow his Instagram and see when his next single will drop.

The ‘Itty Bitty !’ music video is available now on Youtube. To keep up with the latest project releases, follow Check’a Fred on website and Apple Music.