Rising R&B Star Brandon Coleman allures his fans with enticing vocal tunes in the album Champagne.

Champagne is the newest album from the multi-talented artist Brandon Coleman, as bubbly and sophisticated as its namesake beverage. Champagne follows the success of his 2020 release Messages and is anticipated to exceed his biggest album Promise in 2018. Champagne features 10 tracks on the standard-issue and 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe version.

Brandon Coleman defines himself as a pop and R&B artist. He is also an innovator, working to create something new within these musical styles and just have fun with the work he is doing. This is an approach made possible by his focus on an independent music career that, despite all its challenges, has offered him a significant degree of freedom. Coleman has been growing his skills and catalog of music continuously, allowing him to reach new heights despite initial and common difficulties breaking into this hyper competitive field.

Born in Concord and raised in Antioch, CA, Coleman is most recognized across the web for his vocals significantly identical to that of late pop icon Michael Jackson. Coleman started creating music in 2006 in his home studio, but significant hardships put a pause in the development. A few years later, he went back to creating with the full support of his family, and it soon became clear that he was serious about music. Despite difficult situations, Coleman was able to reach a wider audience beyond his close circle and began to release his music continuously. Fast forward to 2014, he formed his own beat production, B World Beatz, providing Coleman with his own instrumentals and other up-and-coming artists as well.

Today, Coleman continues to pursue his music, pushing new ones to A&R’s, producers, labels, and industry contacts in hopes of scoring a record deal. Not just talented but also kind-hearted, all his sales go to charities and his current community in San Leandro, CA. Coleman specializes in love songs because he believes in promoting love and not making music for the sake of fame or money. Something that we rarely see or hear nowadays. His catalog includes a lot of powerful, passionate, and enjoyable tracks that are likely to resonate with a variety of listeners and touch many hearts.

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