Fiction fans: Make way for Bramses Xalyxys’ latest release ‘Mysterious Warrior’ 


Mysterious Warrior is the brand new release from Bramses Xalyxys, who is innovating in both music and narrative by creating a blend between an EP and an audiobook that uses songs to support the story and the narrative. This is a must for fans of fantasy, speculative fiction, and also of experimental music.  

Xalyxys is a musician and a screenwriter, and Mysterious Warrior combines these twin passions to create something original. The EP offers an audiobook-style experience that is heavy on the music but also on the story. It provides a journey full of characters, emotion, and intergalactic thrills. It reveals the narrative behind each individual involved in the tale and constructs a world with interesting and fantastic lore.

The EP follows an army of dragon wolves called Jagred, and Jaet, the first leader of planet Vortuxs. Jaet wants to find the other half of dragon wolves and bring them together to create “T.A.O.T.B.D.W.” through their union. In addition, Jaet seeks to protect Vortuxs, uphold the legacy of his ancestors, and discover who created their planet. Mysterious Warrior offers a series of storylines that take place in the same world, building up suspense and offering exciting details and narratives. It is set to be the first chapter in a series of three EPs, each one centering on a single character and highlighting their struggles. In addition to the musical content, the EP has collectors’ edition images of characters and highlights the protagonists and antagonists. This is an ambitious and thrilling project brimming with innovation and creativity and is set to open a fun new chapter in storytelling through music. Mysterious Warrior also includes art from Kevuru Games, a pioneer video games studio. 

The project features a blend of rock, metal, pop, and EDM that provide a thrilling ride through a new world that is introduced through stories and music to create an experience unlike anything else. With a cinematic way of approaching music, Xalyxys creates something unique. Mysterious Warrior is likely to draw the attention of fans of speculative fiction, be it fantasy or space opera, who are looking for new ways to hear stories. It is also certain to please music fans seeking an innovative experience with a deeper story told through the music. Mysterious Warrior can inspire many and find a lot of loyal fans.

You can find Mysterious Warrior on Spotify and also on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to Xalyxys’s Instagram @bramsesxalyxys for updates on his projects and be the first to know about new releases. You can learn more about Bramses Xalyxys on his website


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