Ayoka has delivered exquisite R&B vibes with strong melodies in the amazing single ‘Weekend’.

Weekend is the newest single from Ayoka. It is an effective R&B piece with a unique and catchy beat and the perfect melody to eliminate any stress you might be carrying from the week. In short, it’s an excellent song for the weekend and for any party.

Ayoka offers a mix of trap and R&B sound to create something original. Her smooth and silky vocals give the song a nice contrast and make it distinct from other works in the genre. Ayoka was inspired by Faneto, an effective and impactful trap record by Chief Keef, and she attempted to make her own release as thrilling and exciting. 

The song is meant to help the listener feel good and unburden themselves of every problem they had during the week. It inspires the audience to sit on top of the world for a few minutes, to chill, and get rid of all the bad things and negativity to truly enjoy the weekend. This is a sentiment likely to resonate with thousands.


Ayoka comes from Los Angeles, California. She grew up surrounded by music and became involved in the field from an early age. As a child, she learned to play five different instruments, for instance, and also took her first vocal lessons. Ayoka received classical training and studied music education, which has empowered her to produce better and stronger work that can truly reach the listener and leave them wanting more. She has worked to improve her skills continuously, and her success encouraged her to pursue music on the next level. Ayoka creates R&B music for herself, using her life experiences as inspiration and a way to write tracks that can resonate with others. 


Her first project was an LP, released on major streaming sites. It was titled Venus and earned Ayoka a lot of loyal followers and plenty of positive critical attention. Venus blended sensual and surreal for a unique, astral R&B experience that involved powerful tracks focused on love and other eternal themes. She wrote the verses and the music to create a raw and original project, true to her vision. Ayoka’s powerful and yet soft vocals and her unique songs gained significant acclaim. The LP featured 9 songs and was a mix of old school R&B and experimental soul. Weekend is her newest project that builds upon the learning experiences she gained from Venus to create something that is likely to reach many listeners.

Weekend is likely to find an audience among fans of rhythm and blues and those who are looking for something more experimental within the genre that doesn’t lose out on its essence. It is also a great option for anyone looking to relieve some of their stress and feel empowered, even if it’s just for a bit. 

You can find Weekend streaming on Spotify and all the other major platforms. Discover more about Ayoka and stay tuned for future releases through her Instagram @ayokamusic or visit her website.