Violinist Asher Laub’s thrilling new release is the instrumental version of Adele’s ‘Easy On Me.’

Released on January 25, Easy On Me is the latest by Asher Laub. It comes as an instrumental version of the hit release from Adele, which emphasizes the power of the melody over the song. Easy On Me is also a project with strong visuals that reflect serenity and peace to go along with the music.

Easy On Me is winning a lot of fans over, and the version by Asher Laub is sure to please even those who tend to steer away from pop. It reinvigorates the track with a hauntingly beautiful rendition that makes the instrumentals sound ethereal. His music is a little melancholy and has a lot of softness to it, helping the listeners relax and drift away with the beautiful melody of the violin.

The video, available on YouTube, is focused on aerial scenery that draws the viewer in and provides the perfect complement for the peaceful vibes and soft sounds to create a soothing experience. The combination of violin music and natural views creates a unique effect. With over 95K views to date and still rising, it is undeniable that audiences are loving it.

Asher Laub is an innovative violinist who is breaking new ground with his artistic projects. He started training with the violin when he was just two. By the time he was thirteen, he already had a philharmonic performance under his belt, appearing with the Buffalo philharmonic.

He began working across different genres and with improvisation that quickly earned him a reputation as a rising star. He became an in-demand soloist, performing in some high-profile venues, such as the Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, the Jacob Javitz Center, and others. He has put on performances touring across four continents and has been featured extensively in the media, including PBS, CNN, NBC, and other major sources.

Asher has developed a unique style for his shows and his music. He is known for breakdancing, playing his LED electric violin, and serving as a DJ violinist rather than the traditional performer his audience might be used to. His shows and DJ-ing are truly unique, as they blend many genres, aesthetics, and styles.

Laub’s music is versatile, some leaning more into the classics and some into modern and fresh ideas. He combines the two extremes seamlessly to create something unique and please a wide audience who are hoping to discover beautiful music.

You can find Easy on Me streaming on Spotify and other music platforms. You can follow Asher Laub on his Instagram or Twitter to stay tuned for new live performances and learn more about him on his website. Stay tuned for new releases, and make sure to check out Easy on Me today.


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