Asem’s latest hit ‘Pew Pew’ is a powerful and flamboyant song


Released on December 15, Pew Pew is the new hip-hop/rap hit from Asem, the professional rapper who is currently set to release the EP ‘Weather Channel‘ soon. Pew Pew is the third preview of the upcoming EP but stands on its own two feet as a powerful and funny song that will please many listeners.

Nana Wiafe Asante-Mensah or Asem, as he is known on the music scene, offers another banger with strong drums and bass for a dark and trippy experience that builds on the contrast between drill and the happy and witty, humorous lyrics that reflect in the title and the flow of the track.

Asem is not just a rapper but also a singer-songwriter and actor. He was born in Ghana, on the shores of Cape Coast. When he was just seven, he started with poetry and writing. His debut track in 2008 was titled ‘Gimme Blow’ and was featured on his first project, Better Late Than Never. It received good reviews and air time, getting played on various radio stations, such as BBC 1 Extra. With his first project becoming a hit, he followed it up with Solid Ground and Tough Times Don’t Last. Each of these had its own hit songs, for instance, No More Kpayor and Bye Bye.

Asem is on his way up on the music scene, having shared stage with big-name acts like Rick Ross, Omarion, Fat Joe, and Ja Rule, among others.

Pew Pew thrills fans of rap and hip-hop who are looking for exciting voices from outside of the mainstream media. The song blends two very different moods and creates an interesting effect through the counter-position of music and lyrics that adds darkness and humor, a trippy and a fun style to create a memorable listening experience that will stay with the audience. Asem offers music with a strong mood and atmosphere that engage the listeners and maintain their attention throughout, thanks to the witty writing that offers wordplay.

Asem has an edge and a distinct presence and personality that is flashy and charismatic to the core. His delivery and writing style is pitch-perfect and combines to create a strong experience from the sound to the text levels. Pew Pew is a great single to get to know this artist and a strong preview of things to come, showcasing Asem’s skill and growth as an artist.

You can find Pew Pew on all the major music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Subscribe to Asem on Instagram @asemliveofficial to learn more about him. Asem is sure to offer many more memorable tracks and amazing live performances, so stick around to discover his music and his talent.


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