Angelcreatives’s wellness song, ‘I’m Well,’ inspires people during these difficult times.

‘I’m Well’ is a project from AngelCreatives, a Boston-based group making waves with their music and messages that have earned attention and achievements.

As the name suggests, I’m Well is an anthem to well-being, coming in a time when this message is sorely needed. We live in a world that continues to be devastated by the pandemic, a time when health suddenly becomes one of the main concerns. The pandemic has brought with it many obstacles, disappointments, and concerns that have made life difficult. I’m Well is meant as a response, a song full of peace, power, and bliss.
With a sorely-needed message full of hope, Angelcreatives have earned themselves the acclaim of many listeners.

The group was inspired by the single ‘Heal the World,’ by the king of pop Michael Jackson, a song with a strong social message and a desire to change the world. They decided to do this as well and focused their effort on creating pieces that spread awareness and messages of well-being.

‘I’m Well’ follows the ‘Hello Anthem’ hit, with both premiering on MTV in July 2020. Hello Anthem was inspired by the award-winning “Hello’ from Adele and took the music in a different direction to send a powerful message to the world. It is also equally catchy and strong in its construction and ideas. And most recently, I’m Well (Wellness Anthem) scored 7.9/10 through Crowd Review, which led to a Featured Artist spot that ran on November 23.

With chill and soft music but a strong message underneath, I’m Well is sure to please listeners looking for something inspiring. The pandemic might have hit hard, but this makes this the perfect time to find new anthems to seek motivation and keep going forward no matter what. It is sure to find many fans among those interested in wellness or who want to make this situation a bigger part of their lives. I’m Well is a positive and hopeful song that can give you a boost of energy and remind you to take good care of yourself, emotionally and physically, through a catchy, soft beat that is certain to stick with you and make its way to your playlist.

Angelcreatives is a unique and strong collective that is using the power of music for good. Make sure to stream I’m Well and follow Angelcreatives on Spotify to learn more about their projects.


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