The single ‘All Great Love’ by Cory Driscoll is a thrilling preview of the album ‘Eureka Springs’ releasing in 2022.

All Great Love is the first track from the highly anticipated upcoming concept album by Cory Driscoll. Driscoll, an accomplished artist, is scheduled to bring Eureka Springs in 2022. All Great Love is a thrilling preview of the album and an effective single in its own right.

Eureka Springs will see Driscoll working with nine other artists from across the United States, each working remotely to record their music for the collaboration to reflect the ongoing pandemic realities. Originally, it was meant to be recorded together, but the situation changed so dramatically, the project needed to adapt. All Great Love, in this way, became a testament to artistic resilience and to a uniquely collaborative power that brings the music to life despite the artists being far away from each other.

All Great Love is about accepting that endings will come, but they make the time we spend together more precious and worthy of celebration. The song is accompanied by an amazing video by Nicolas Lorini that perfectly captures the themes of the text and the melody that come together to create an effective experience.

Eureka Springs is a project telling the tale of a father and a child journeying through America, seeking understanding and redemption after the parents’ divorce. It features Side A and Side B, respectively, reflecting the understanding of the situation and the salvation involved in the journey. In this way, the whole album is intended to be a trek from lost to found, from being alone to together, reflecting an experience that ever so many people have had. It features something powerful and personal transmuted into a force of art, and
All Great Love is the final track on side A, closing the chapter of understanding.

With a soft melody and a lot of emotion, the song provides a wonderful option for anyone looking to get familiar with Cody Driscoll’s work or is searching for a tune with a lot of heart and meaning.

You can find Cody Driscoll on Instagram @cory_driscoll. Check out All Great Love’s music video on YouTube and stream the song on all major music platforms.


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