Brooklyn-based rapper Garfield offers the audience a whole new flavor of Hip Hop with his single Aaliyah Interlude.

Aaliyah Interlude is the newest release from Garfield, featuring SynAaliyah Interlude is an effective and distinct piece that brings Garfield further into the world of professional music and allows the artist to really stand on his own with a unique track. 

Garfield is a Brooklyn-based rapper. Born and raised there, he draws inspiration from this urban upbringing to add energy and power to his lyrics and music.

The rapper started out contributing to other rappers with featured verses across their songs. However, his first big break was the single Just a Friend that came out in 2021. It went viral and brought Garfield to the forefront. This allowed him to start working on a major-label contract to take his art to the next level. 

The rapper started his career by releasing several singles. Then, he worked with Ocho Arky, a local collaborator, and the two created Just a Friend together, leading to huge popularity and support from listeners.

Garfield signed his first distribution deal with a major label, Sony Orchard, managed by The Stachehaus, a KMG Brand. Aaliyah Interlude comes after this deal is finalized, which opens exciting new possibilities for the growth of the track and Garfield’s brand as well. The rapper is looking to break into the big leagues with an official record deal after one single. 

Aaliyah Interlude showcases the best of his talent, with a lyrical, softer, and yet genuine and honest tone that strikes a chord with many listeners.

Aaliyah Interlude is a bit of a departure from the bold tone of his previous hit, Just a Friend. It takes a more lyrical approach, allowing Garfield and Syn to showcase a more passionate side of their music. The song tells a story that many listeners can easily relate to, focused on evaluating a relationship and finding what is working and what is not. With smooth vocals and evocative lyrics, the song offers a touching piece without losing its edge and the ability to be authentic and genuine in its discussion. The song has a softer side and reveals a raw vulnerability that people show in relationships and the pain of struggling to be accepted as one would like to be. 


With a distinctive title that immediately draws the listener to the song, Aaliyah Interlude is likely to please fans of rap who are looking for something more emotional and with a deeper reflection on relationships without becoming sappy or corny. Syn’s vocals provide a nice, soft touch to the song’s overall feel, adding to the overall vulnerability and emotional connection it builds. It can be a great song for anyone struggling with relationship issues, giving voice to their internal struggles and the things they wish they could say.

You can find and stream Aaliyah Interlude featuring Syn on Spotify and all the major music platforms. Follow Garfield on Instagram @officialgarfield to stay up-to-date with his new releases and follow his career to all the new heights he is expected to reach.