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Zhong Chenle – Famous Pop Singer

Who is Zhong Chenle?

Zhong Chenle, professionally known by the mononym Chenle, is a Chinese songwriter, actor, and singer currently based in South Korea. Chenle began singing at a very young age and is a professional singer who performed in various television shows and concerts in China and other countries. By the age of nine, Chenle became the youngest singer in the world to be given an invitation to sing at the esteemed Golden Hall of Vienna with a solo performance. By the age of 14, Chenle had already released three solo albums and had his own solo concert in China. By 2016 Chenle moved to South Korea so that he could join the South-Korean boy group NCT. He debuted as a part of their youth unit NCT Dream, and Chenle has been active in NCT Dream activities ever since, having released three Korean EP’s, as well as having conducted one tour in Asia, together with his group.


November 22, 2001

Birth Place

Shanghai, China

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Chenle was born in Shanghai, China. He initially decided to attend the famous Beijing Contemporary Music School. 2006 was a good year for Chenle as he entered the small television station Shanghai Ying-Siu Sing School, where he received dance lessons. In 2008 he moved to study at the Shanghai Little Flute Art Troupe, where he studied vocal music with Huang Jing.

His professional career

Chenle participated in the Hajj children’s channel held by Yueyue Elf Vs. Season Trial in 2009, where he won the runner-up, as well as the Elf Genie Award.
In 2010, Zhong attended the National Chinese Young Talent Selection activities and won a gold medal for the vocal group. Zhong also led an audience of thousands of people to sing the national anthem due to a starring actress Xiao Jiabin attending the second Nie Er Music Week opening ceremony (which took place in Shanghai, Grand Theater).

Chenle released his second solo album in July 2011, My Wings, totaling 12 songs. Zhong participated in the main ceremony of the Shanghai International Children’s Art Festival on the Shanghai Grand Stage on 31 July 2011.

More recent years

Chenle moved to South Korea while only being 14 years old in August 2016 and debuted as a member of the popular band NCT Dream, which is a subunit of NCT. Chenle was one of the four members in the group, with the others being Shotaro, Sungchan, and Renjun.

Chenle debuted in NCT after only having four months of training, proving just how talented he was, along with his hard work at improving his craft.

Zhong Chenle also became a DJ of his own radio show Yuedong Seoul which premiered on October 12, 2020. It airs from 9 pm to 10 pm KST time. The live show is streamed on the TBS eFM 101.3Mhz YouTube channel for those interested in listening.

The boy is truly one of a kind and may just become one of the best singers of this generation.


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