Stevie Wonder – Famous Singer & Songwriter

Who is Stevie Wonder?

He is an American singer and songwriter. He is one of the best-selling musicians ever and is considered to be a musical genius who has had a huge influence on the music industry.


13 May 1950

Birth Place

Saginaw, Michigan, The United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Stevland Hardaway Morris became blind shortly after birth due to retinopathy. He was the third of five children. He has been married three times: to Syreeta Wright between 1970 and 1972, to Kai Millard between 2001 and 2012, and to Tomeeka Bracy, whom he married in 2017. He has nine children.

Professional Life

Stevie Wonder started his career at a very young age, so he was considered a child prodigy. He signed with Motown when he was just 11, and by 1963, he already had his first number-one hit. He was the youngest artist ever to hit number one. By 1970, he had wide critical acclaim and more, shifting his focus. 1972 saw the release of iconic albums like Music of My Mind and Talking Book, which included the super-hit Superstition. Here he began integrating his famous synthesizers and electronic instruments. He released Innervisions in 1973, Fulfillingness’ First Finale in 1974, Songs in the key of Life in 1976. All three were recognized with Grammy Awards. 1976 saw the end of his so-called classic period, and in 1979, he started using digital recording to create Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants.

Stevie Wonder continues working. In late 2020, he announced that his two latest singles, Through the Eyes of Wonder and The Gospel Inspired by Lula, could lead to two potential future albums. He has stayed active and received awards and nominations for his music up to the late 2000s and 2010s.


Stevie Wonder still holds the record for topping the Billboard Hot 100 when he was just 13. In addition, he is one of the record holders for most Album of the Year Grammy wins and the only person ever to win three consecutive Album of the Year Grammy Awards. One of his awards is the Lifetime Grammy Award. He also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in 2014.

In total, Stevie Wonder has 22 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and also is part of the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Black Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Stevie Wonder played a role in having Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a federal holiday. He has been a long-time activist in the United States.

This artist is often credited with significant influence on modern pop, R&B, and digital music, pioneering the use of new instruments, sounds, and technologies. He started his path with digital instruments in the 70s and helped chart a new course for music.

Stevie Wonder performed during the funeral for Aretha Franklin.



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