sKitz Kraven – Famous Musician

Who is sKitz Kraven (Real name Evan D. Kijek)?

He is an American music artist. He was born on July 9th, 1994, in Wisconsin.

sKitz Kraven grew up idolizing music. He knew from an early age that he would become an artist one day. When he was 4, he started playing drums, piano, and many other instruments. By getting into music from such a young age helped him with his knowledge when it came to sound.
When sKitz Kraven went to middle school, he fell in love with rap music. Throughout his high school years, he fell for not only the rap game but also the whole street life that is associated with it. After turning 16, Kraven started to experience some emotional and mental problems, including addiction and mental illness.

After turning 18, he started writing music as a way of therapy.


July 9, 1994

Birth Place

Madison, WI, USA

Zodiac Sign


Getting into the rapping scene

Kraven was rapping all throughout the city, and people started noticing how talented he was. His lyrics are violent and cringing. People were in awe at how raunchy and gruesome they were.

When KRaven turned 19, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, California. KRaven has since built a huge fan base and has incorporated a new sound to his music. He’s shared the stage with such talented artists as Hopsin, Mickey Avalon, Fturue, Yelawolf, Ice Cube, Waka Flocka Flame, and Juicy J, among many others. Eric Knight (Club promoter from Orange County, California) was quoted as saying, “His stage presence is completely out of this world.
Kraven has said that performing is his whole life. He has said that he’s very skeptical of other artists who perform 3 or 4 songs simply to get paid. He never understood why some artists just stand there, rapping some of their lyrics while only moving their hands up and down. That doesn’t seem like a performance to him. When Kraken is on stage, he tries to envision it as being a movie. He tries to make sure that he looks every single person sitting in the top two rows in the eyes throughout the performance. This helps to establish the presence and allows the fans to truly feel the intensity of his music. He likes to make his fans remember his presence and feel his energy while on stage.

sKitz Kraven also brought “Horrorcore” into the music scene with his grimy and darker lyrics.
Kraven has four full-length albums and multiple mixtapes.

His new song “That’s All” is an excellent example of his darker side.
Some have even labeled Kraven as the “Marilyn Manson” of hip hop, as well as calling him a master of all genres. However, you want to look at it sKitz Kraven has truly become of of the top hip hop artists of the new generation.

He is currently busy working on his new album, which is set to be released sometime late this year. A truly talented artist needs to take his time when preparing a new album so that it’s up there quality-wise.


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