Hyunjin – Famous Rapper

Who is Hyunjin?

Hyunjin is a South Korean rapper and singer, one of the leads of the band Stray Kids.


March 20, 2000


Seoul, South Korea



Personal Life

Hwang Hyun Jin, better known in English as Hyunjin, was born in Seoul. His blood type is B. His English name is Sam, a nickname that he also uses sometimes. The rapper spent a year living in Las Vegas, Nevada, and used Sam as his main name while in the United States.

He studied at the Seoul Performing Arts High School before getting recruited.

He was scouted by JYP Entertainment while out shopping with his mother and became a trainee with the company.

Professional Life

Hyunjin is the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and the visual for Stray Kids. He started as a trainee in 2017 and would first appear on the reality show Stray Kids. Here, he would end up debuting with other members and ITZY. He was part of the band as they released their first album, titled I am NOT, and District 9, the main single. This happened in 2018. The same year, he also worked on promoting I am WHO? and I am YOU, the two follow-up albums that formed the I am trilogy. Prior to their debut, the band released Mixtape in 2017, an extended play that was meant to showcase their skills. After that, they gained some attention thanks to the reality show of the same name as the band, where the public got to know them a little better.

In 2020, Hyunjin released a SKZ-Player song called Little Star.

Hyunjin has co-written several tracks for the I am trilogy of albums and has also appeared in important parts for the band. In addition, he has been on several shows, such as Idol Room alongside the band GOT7, on Weekly Idol with the other members of Stray Kids, and was the MC in Show! Music Core alongside members of SF9 and Gugudan. The band also was featured on of Kingdom: Legendary War, where they would compete against other boy bands. Their performance was hugely popular and earned them a special and further reality TV series.

In 2020, the band released Go Live, followed by Noeasy the following year. In addition, stray Kids has gone on two tours so far, including District 9: Unlock World Tour that lasted between 2019–2020 and the Maniac World Tour set for 2022.


This singer has a lot of nicknames, including Jinnie, Jin, the Prince,[Drama Llama, and Night Fury.

The song Little Star was about his pet dog, who was a part of his childhood and sadly passed away.

The other members of Stray Kids are called Chan, Woojin, Felix, Seungmin, Lee Know, Changbin, Han, and I.N.

The name Stray Kids was developed by the band members and is associated with the idea of a lost child, of stepping outside of ordinary life, and other meanings.

Hyunjin is one of the most popular members of Stray Kids and has earned the attention of many fans.


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