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Changbin – Famous Rapper


Who is Changbin?

Changbin is a South Korean rapper. He was born on August 11, 1999, in Yongpin, South Korea.
Alongside his rapping career, he is also a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer under the JYPC Entertainment brand. He is also one of the main members of the boy group Stray Kids, which is a part of the hip-hop unit 3RACHA.


August 111999

Birth Place

South Korea

Zodiac Sign


Rise to fame and glory

Changbin rose to fame after joining Stray Kids in 2017 and releasing their first hit album, “Hellevator,” where he was credited as a writer and a composer for the album. The album was a success and catapulted Changbin into stardom at the age of 17. Later on, he was also a part of the 3RACHA’s album J:/2017/mixtape, which came out the very same year in 2017, and also saw widespread success, rising to the top of the music billboard charts in South Korea.

His role in the band

Changbin is the main producer, sub-vocalist, and rapper of his band Stray Kids and has received praises for his ability to rap really fluently and expressively, making him one of the more popular members of the band.
Their band Stray Kids even had their own reality TV show that went by the same name as the band, which ran for a whole season and featured the ins and outs of how the band operated in rehearsals, during concerts, and in their free time, giving fans of the band an inside look into how Stray Kids work. The reality show was a success, and members of the band have hinted at a potential second season coming out sometime in the future.

His family life and romantic relationships

In addition to having two supportive parents, Changbin also has an older sister that he looks up to. Although the rapper has kept information on his sister private, he has said on multiple occasions that she has been very supportive throughout their life and has helped Changbin get over his creative writers’ block on several occasions.
Before he became famous, Changbin already showed his talents when he appeared at his school festival singing a song that received praises from the audience. This helped him make up his mind to become a professional singer and songwriter.

Changbin’s full name is Seo Chang Bin. Before fully dedicating himself to his band Stray Kids, he was in a pre-debut group called 3RACHA with other members of his Stray Kids band, such as Han Jisung and Bang Chan. His stage name in 3RACHA was SPEARB. When Changbin was accepted into JYPE, he recalls his parents saying, “Wow, our son is a genius! We should’ve allowed him to make music earlier!”, Changbin said that after being accepted in JYPE, his parents were happier than if he had been accepted into any university.
Some of his hobbies include shopping and listening to music. He also likes horror movies, collecting various memorabilia and dark hue clothing. Changlin has over 105k followers on Instagram and is an active figure on most of the social platforms.


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Image Source: SBS Radio, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons