Mc Ride – Famous Rapper

Who is Mc Ride?

His real name is Stefan Burnett. He is a renowned name in the rapping world and has millions of fans all over the world. The Ride is known for its unique rapping style and talent.

Early Life and Rapping

Known to the fans as Mc Ride or simply Ride, Stefan Corbin Burnett is profoundly known for his aggressive rapping style. The Ride is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born in Sacramento, California, and spent most of his early life there. Stefan studied visual arts at the Hampton University of Virginia. But things didn’t work out for the young artist, and he dropped out before graduating. Mc Ride is the frontman of a popular hip-hop band known as Death Grips. The Ride made his name in the rapping world through his unique style and approach to signing. He writes his song himself, and that makes his rapping more appealing to the audience. The hip-hop band Death Grips is among one of the most popular rapping bands of the time.

Beginning of His Career

Burnett never had it easy. He took his first step towards the rapping world when he made a hip-hop group with his brother and fellow rapper Young G. The group was named Fyre and was only Sacramento-based. Unfortunately, Ride had to drop the project when his brother got married and couldn’t continue with the band. Eventually, Burnett gave up all the hopes and started working at a pizza place to earn his living. Burnett even tried to pursue painting as a career, but fate had something else in store for him.

Life opened a new chapter to him in 2010, when he started an experimental hip-hop group called Death Grips. The group originally started with his next-door neighbor, and soon, other friends and fellow rappers also became part of the project. In 2012, the group released their official debut, The Money Store, followed by other hits like No Love Deep Web, The Power That B, and Niggas on the Moon.

The band immediately became the center of attention and gained quite a lot of appreciation from the audience. Although in 2014, the group announced its disbandment but they reappeared together in 2015 with the release of Fashion Week. Death Grip sums up Ride’s entire professional career and a big part of his life.

Mc Ride

Personal Life and Relationships

Despite her aggressive rap style, the young artist is a true gentleman. His bandmates describe him as reclusive and introverted. He accepted that he likes to keep his personal life private. He also said that he has only a few people that he can trust and call friends. Currently, Ride is single and only dating his career.

Ride inspires his fans to keep trying, never leave their dreams behind, and that life will give you plenty of opportunities to fulfill your destiny. Despite failing persistently, he kept trying and eventually made his name in the rapping world to inspire and motivate millions of young minds out there.


May 10, 1978


Sacramento, California, United States

Zodiac sign



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