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Katy Perry – Famous Singer


Who is Katy Perry?

She is an iconic singer and pop star. She is known for hugely popular hits like I Kissed a Girl, Hot n Cold, Teenage Dream, Firework, and many more.


October 25, 1984

Birth Place

Santa Barbara, California, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal life

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson has English, German, Irish, and Portuguese heritage. She is the niece of Frank Perry, an Oscar-winning movie director. Her family is very Christian, something that influenced her upbringing.

Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand between 2010 and 2012. Currently, her partner is famous actor Orlando Bloom. The couple had a daughter in 2020.

Professional life

Katy Perry started her career at an early age. At first, she debuted as a gospel singer, starting when she was nine at her parents’ ministry. The artist pursued a career in the genre as Katy Hudson, but the album released under this name when she was a teen was unsuccessful. She decided to pursue a secular music career.

The singer moved to Los Angeles and started working with different producers, like Dr. Luke. She took the name Katy Perry and signed with Capitol Records in 2007. 2008 is the year that saw her rise to fame with One of the Boys that contained I Kissed a Girl, a somewhat controversial hit that drew a lot of media attention. Next came Teenage Dream that gave Katy five chart-topping singles, as many as Michael Jackson had.

Prism, her next album, was more reflective and serious, spawning hits like Roar and Dark Horse. In 2020, she released Smile, her sixth album.

Katy Perry can be counted among the top pop artists globally and one of the best-selling ones, with over 143 million records sold worldwide. In addition, she has 9 Hot 100 number 1 Billboard singles.
She has tried her hand at voice acting and other endeavors. In 2018, she first took part in American Idol as one of the judges.

Katy Perry has a distinct pop style, mixing in elements from various genres. She draws inspiration from artists like Freddie Mercury and The Beach Boys. Her fashion sense, colorful and distinctive outfits with food themes, like her fabled peppermint dress, and fun music videos have also inspired many other artists.

While Katy often focuses on pop with seemingly simple lyrics, her songs usually have themes of empowerment, love, and others that go more in-depth. Over the years, she experimented with different styles, sounds, and lyrics, from the more playful Hot n Cold to something more empowering like Roar.


Katy Perry has four Guinness World Records, five Billboard Music Awards, Five American Music Awards.

She has released an autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Katy voiced Smurfette in 2012 and 2013 in The Smurfs film and sequel.

Her Superbowl halftime performance is the most-watched one of all time.

She is heavily involved in social causes and does plenty of charitable work.


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