Jesse Money – Famous Singer

About Jesse Money

Jessica Money (Full name Jessica Mahoney) is an American singer, songwriter, and TV star. Jesse is probably most famous for being a popular singer as well as the daughter of Eddie Money (Who is also a popular singer and songwriter).


June 22, 1988

Birth Place

Long Island, NY, USA

Zodiac Sign


Early life and education

Jesse spent most of her childhood on Long Island. She was raised by her father, Eddie Money, and her mother, Laurie Money (Who is a model, producer, as well as a TV star herself). Jesse was not an only child and had not one but four brothers, Zachary, Joseph, Desmond, and Julian. The latter two are also musicians, while her brother Zachary is a businessman.
Recently Jesse released a new single, “I Don’t Mind,” to critical success.

What was her childhood like

Even as a toddler, Jessica would be brought on stage by her father while he was singing. The young girl became increasingly interested in music from an early age. She went to school at her local high school “Westlake High School.” During her junior year, Jesse began taking professional singing lessons, simultaneously also learning to play guitar and the piano, both of which she became proficient in playing by the age of 12.

Her singing career

Jesse officially launched her music career at the age of 18, after becoming the backup singer for her brother Desmond and father’s musical band. She also became a TV personality after appearing in an episode of the popular TV reality show “Rock the Cradle,” which aired on MTV.
In the middle of 2018, she began playing in the “Real Money” reality TV series that followed the lives of her own family, mostly following her father’s life. Later on, in 2019, she appeared alongside her dad in the “Eddie Money: The Real Money Concert” TV show, which was a commercial success and attracted plenty of viewers.

Jesse can also play a remarkable array of instruments such as guitar, cowbell, tambourine, and even maracas. She is probably most well known for her singing of her father’s hit songs, including “Take Me Home Tonight,” while she can also be heard in other people’s songs, such as Janis Joplin’s “Turtle Blues.”

Her Social Media

Jesse is active on social media sites and has an Instagram account where she posts frequently. She has over 16,000 followers on her account at the time of this writing. She is also very active on Twitter and likes to post a few tweets every day. She joined Twitter in June of 2016.


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