Blake McIver Ewing – Famous Musician

Who is Blake McIver Ewing?

Blake McIver or also referred to as Blake Ewing is an American model, pianist, songwriter, and actor. He is most famously known for playing Michelle’s friend Derek on the cult classic American sitcom “Full House,” a role which he got to reenact once more in the follow-up series that aired nearly 2 decades later, on Netflix exclusive Fuller House (2016-2020). Blake is also widely remembered for playing Waldo in the 1994 feature direct-to-DVD film The Little Rascals. He is also known for lending his voice to portraying Eugene on the animated comedy television series “Hey Arnold!” during its fifth and final season.
Blake Ewing is currently the Bravo series “The Peoples Couch.”


March 27, 1985

Birth Place

Los Angeles, CA, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


The many talents of Blake

Not only is he an established and successful actor, but also a songwriter and singer, Ewing has co-written the song “Along the River,” which served as the ending theme credit song for the movie “End of the Spear.” He has also contributed greatly to “It Gets Better Project,” an internet-based non-profit foundation started in the United States on September 21, 2010. Citing the fact that he had to endure hardships during his own teenage years as a gay man is one of his motivations.
His debut album titled “The Time Manipulator” was released in May of 2014 to wide critical acclaim and positive reactions from fans. Throughout his career, Blake has also worked as a go-go dancer, where he performed in various gigs all around Los Angeles. He’s stated that the tips were good, for the time, and he managed to raise a lot of money that way, so he could further advance his goals in life, through the funds that he acquired from the dancing performances he was able to complete his album.

Nominations and awards

Blake Ewing has seen a fair share of awards throughout the years, getting a best supporting actor award for his role as Derek in Full House, as well as a nomination for an Ovation Award following his impressive role as “The Little Boy” in the Los Angeles’ production of Ragtime.
Blake is a graduate of the esteemed UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). He was at the top ten percent in class, grade-wise.

His most recent acting roles have been reprising his role as Derek S. Boyd in the very last episode of Fuller House in 2020, where he shunned the fans by appearing again on-screen after so many years.

In addition to his other talents, Blake has also been a radio show host, where h was seen on the Adventures in Odyssey, where he voiced Nathaniel Graham and Timothy “Timmy” Riley from 1998 to 2001.


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