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How can meditation help you?


One of the most important aspect of meditation is that it can help you heal.

“Meditation keeps on improving the quality of life we are experiencing.”

How can meditation help you:

1. Healing through Meditation: It helps you in feeling joyful.


Every human being is experiencing something every moment, everyone carries a feeling every single moment. Some would be in joy at this moment, some may be in misery, some in pain, etc. But the truth is everybody is carrying a feeling or emotion at every moment.The Latin derivative for the word emotion, 'emotere', means energy in motion. So this feeling is always in motion. Emotion keeps on changing all the time.

We all feel good sometimes, sometimes we feel bad, and at times our emotions are somewhere in between happy and sad. Also the intensity of feeling which we carry changes. The more the intensity of feeling, the more it gets registered in our memory. So, this feeling keeps on moving and changing within us. Sometimes within a few moments, we touch the highs and lows of both good and bad sides.

All of us feel something or the other all the time. When any two people meet, there can only be multiple possibilities:

  • Both of them might be in good emotions.
  • One of them is feeling good, while other is not
  • Both of them are feeling bad.

Don't we all wish to be in the company of those people who make us feel good?

We want to remain in the company of those who make us feel good rather than those who drain our energies (The Energy Vampires). Its very important to identify energy vampires around you. They might be someone among your friends, family or work colleagues. So, every time when we are meeting someone new, we prefer to be in good company.
There are more than 7 billion people in this world.

It's not a good idea to give control of our feelings or happiness to someone outside us. Doing meditation daily makes you more aware of your own thoughts and emotions. When you are more aware of your own thoughts and emotions, you have control of your feelings within you. Doing meditation daily helps you be more joyful. You would experience joy more often – such as saying thank you, smiling, appreciating the beautiful nature around you.

2. Healing through Meditation: It helps you enjoy the journey towards your goals/dreams


Journey towards your goals is not an easy one. A lot of hard work, persistence, consistent efforts are required. In fact, taking the first step towards the journey to achieve your dreams is considered really difficult. You might also be interested in reading about secrets of success that can change your life.

This race for money, power, and fame is there so that we live comfortably and be happy in our lives. This race is endless. Even if one becomes one of the most influential people in this world, even at that time, the race does not end. The person might fear that someone else might take his/her position. In fact, such a person does face fears from time to time to protect his/her position/fame/money all the time. When the person is striving for his goals, it is perceived that reaching success would result in happiness. But once the person reaches those goals, he feels momentary happiness. Since the stress of next goal dawns upon him.
Usually, we believe that once we achieve this next goal of ours, we would become happy. Whether the goal is related to Money, Fame, buying a house, purchasing your next car, going to a luxurious vacation. As soon as we reach those goals, we feel we are not yet completely fulfilled. We create further goals that we believe would give us satisfaction and happiness. We keep striving to achieve the next thing, assuming that we would get happy once we reach the next goal.

But does it truly happen? We get momentary happiness. But then we feel dissatisfied, and we think we need more.

It is not the end destination, but the journey that has to be enjoyed.

Doing your daily meditation helps you enjoy the journey.

3. It helps you be in control.


So yes we all experience a feeling at every moment. We somewhere sincerely want our experiences to be great. Also, if the intensity is high, that is even better for us. We can't control the outside world as the world is too big and we are tiny. Even this nature is so extreme that it can bring us from the castle to ashes in just a single moment. As we can't control the outside world as it is too big, but we have this power to control the inside world. Meditation helps us in managing the inner world. Meditation simply means putting attention on something. If you want to know How to do breathing meditation, please check this article.
As we start putting attention on something, we get more knowledge about how it works. We come to know more about this inside world of ours. Also, we become aware of how the intensity goes high and low. We realize how we can continue to feel amazing for a higher duration. This is something that you would be able to understand once you start experiencing it.

4. It helps you be more aware/conscious.


Suppose you are feeling angry, you tend to remain in the emotion of anger for some duration and suffer. How would you feel if that time frame of being angry starts reducing for you?
If you do not meditate, For a similar situation you might remain in a bad mood for 30 minutes. When you start meditating, such a duration begins reducing. So, instead of 30 minutes earlier, it gets lowered down to 20 minutes and then 10 minutes and so on. Then you might reach a situation where your anger goes away within a minute. In short, Your being in a reactive mode of anger loses its strength with time.
Yes, that's a possibility. If you look at the faces of sages/monks who meditate, they seem happy all the time.

Meditation automatically helps us become more aware of what we are feeling right now, and we have this natural tendency to strive to be better. If you are conscious about what you are feeling you will naturally be going in a better direction. Awareness to ourselves simply means being aware of what is happening within right now.

When you are being conscious, you don't react to your feels and emotions, you simply watch. If you are feeling bad and you become aware of how you are feeling, that awareness will put a break automatically on that bad feeling.

People who harm others think bad for others, do wrong to others usually don't remain aware of what they are feeling. If they become more conscious about themselves, their terrible deeds would reduce automatically.

Try and remember some past situations from life in which you have done something wrong and now you feel difficulty in believing that how could you do that such a thing.
Awareness is merely coming in watching state, just watching don't indulge in it.

Sometimes, We all experience good and bad emotions. If we become more aware of ourselves and become aware of how we think and feel, this bad will reduce automatically.

5. It helps you be in a state of positive energy


Everything is energy, our thoughts our emotions. When we do not meditate, we might emit positive or negative energies based on our thoughts and feelings. During the time when we start meditating, we start emitting positive energies around us. These energies stay with us even after finishing our session of meditation. The benefit is that with time and practice of meditation, our energy automatically starts flowing in a direction that is positive and self-enhancing. You would start feeling good naturally. Even the intensity of feeling good would increase with time. You might be interested in checking out 11 ways to start your day with a positive attitude.

With meditation, you would start being aware. This would help you in living the best life you have had. Not just that, gradually you would develop a habit to remain alert. You would begin being aware even when you are not meditation. You would start getting involved with life more profoundly and positively.

One needs to develop more awareness about one's own self and also remain alert that this awareness should increase. We have given our attention to the outside world a lot so a lot of attention is also required to increase more and more awareness.

6. It helps you in your quest to become better


There is one important observation:

We always strive to become better than our former selves.

Somewhere we all want to evolve further and become better. If you look at the evolution of human beings. Through this process of evolution, we as human beings have reached a stage where we have developed so much technology, we have built cities around us, we have all the facilities we need and want. We have reached space. Compare this to the early human beings (homo sapiens) who used to live in caves and who used to hunting and gathering.

It is ‘in the nature of' human beings to strive to be better.

Meditation is something that helps us hugely in this area. When you meditate daily, you are connecting with your inner self. Doing this daily would help you get more clarity of thoughts. Once you start having more clarity, you automatically start taking the decisions in your life that are more fruitful to you. When you meditate, always remember to be conscious about this one thing during meditation.

To Summarize

I would like to say that you would experience the benefits gradually with each day you meditate. It will not be all great from day one. You would still swing between the emotions of good and bad. With time, you would experience a significant difference in the quality of life.

I have written this article with the hope that the person reading this article starts practicing meditation in some form or the other. I would recommend reading about – What is Meditation and How to do breathing meditation. It is one of the simplest and effective meditation techniques to start with. I want others to experience the joy that I have experienced. May you too lead a lighter and better life which I feel is your birthright.

Lots of love


This article has been written by Moji with inputs from BetterAuds Team. He has many years of experience and expertise in the field of meditation and spirituality. He has travelled across the length and breadth of India and has visited and meditated in many spiritual places. Connect with him on his email here.