Entrepreneur Brenda Kato shares how Content Creators can earn huge income via Social Media Platform Webtalk


Today, Brenda Kato shares about Webtalk and her journey with us. Let’s hear it out…

I work as a digital marketing specialist and multimedia designer. I manage social media campaigns for my clients. Recently, I discovered a new social media platform that has promise. It’s like Facebook and LinkedIn had a baby. The best features have been combined to make a better experience for users. Content creators do very well on this new platform.

If you need to promote yourself or your business on social media, why not do it on a new channel that pays you to be social? There are many reasons I believe Webtalk will soon become one of the top social media channels available. The company is sharing half of its ad revenue with all users. The platform is free to join, and it is paying users to participate. They have gamified the interaction. This means that they reward points for likes (10), comments (20), and shares (30). Points add up to dollars! 

All users get paid monthly on what they earn. Since it’s free to join, most people understand that there is no risk of joining. It offers free tools like a contact relationship management tool so users can segment their contacts into professional and personal subgroups. This allows users to tag and keep notes on their contacts in the same way a pro-CRM would allow. This feature makes it easy to send posts to your various groups of contacts, for example, your child’s little league parents, church group, or networking group. 


The Webtalk platform provides more control over how your profile is presented. You can create different views for the public or personal contacts. This allows you to keep your private life and business life separate. 

Webtalk is allowing one million affiliate seats. Affiliates and pro users can earn more points than free users because they can count the points from 5 layers. That means that you will get credit for the people you invited, the people they invited, and so on for five degrees of separation. Go see for yourself. Learn more at