Bengaluru based startup Modo is upskilling School going Children in Technology and Digital Literacy


Modo (meaning ‘way’ in Italian) is a Bangalore (Bengaluru) based startup with a vision to upskill school-going children in technology and digital literacy. Amalore Jude is the Founder, and CEO of the company.

Modo was created to address a growing gap between technological advancements and school-level curriculum. Children of today must skill themselves with awareness and hands-on understanding of technologies shaping the human future.

We look forward to our children creating new and innovative solutions using technologies for the community problems we face every day.

The world is changing, and technology is driving much of that change. Children of today have the unique advantage of exposure to emerging technologies. To be prepared for tomorrow, children need to have a working knowledge & understanding of contemporary technologies and a high level of confidence in their ability to master newer and more complex tools.


Modo’s vision is to make a difference in Technology Literacy among school children through STEM-based courses. Modo’s unique 5-level curriculum framework ensures children understand and work on emerging technologies in robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones, 3D printing, and many others while building a strong foundation in programming skills.

In addition, they inculcate the most-sought after 21st-century skills:

– Creativity
– Critical Thinking
– Collaboration
– Communication

Modo offers both long term courses (BlendEdu) and short term courses (Skill Academy) – all courses with Certificate of Completion.


BlendEdu courses

Modo’s unique approach is centered around its vision of the digital continuum. Based on this vision, Modo offers a unique 5-level progressive tech curriculum through its ‘BlendEdu’ courses. These courses offer a step-by-step progressive approach to learning new and emerging technologies and digital skills. This approach allows parents to conveniently enroll their children without having to concern themselves with questions such as ‘which course to select,’ ‘what is right for my child,’ etc.


Skill Academy

Modo offers a unique set of short courses. These are aimed at children who are keenly focussing on specific areas of learning, such as coding Python, discovering 3D printing, and so on. Explore some of the newest and coolest technologies brought to your fingertips through Modo’s unique curriculum design and pedagogy.

In contrast to traditional teacher-led learning models with strict milestones, self-paced learning is flexible and more attuned to individual differences. It allows students more freedom to call the shots on their own learning. In bypassing a ‘one size fits all’ approach in favor of environments based on students’ needs, the students are more likely to absorb knowledge at their own pace. They’re also more likely to develop an interest in something from the start, rather than being forced to do it all and see what fits.


This Guest post has been written by the team of Modo Edulabs Pvt Ltd.


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