InFer, an innovative token aims to address volatility experienced by cryptocurrencies


InFer is a BnB redistribution protocol that uses custom smart contracts to automate these processes. InFer is designed to power decentralized applications by generating continuous liquidity for these platforms. All smart contracts are tested and viewable on the website via the testnet link to foster transparency and to better showcase the contract in action.

InFer is an innovative token and is the first coin to utilize a timed transaction limit to address volatility experienced by cryptocurrencies. 

InFer Token Team started developing and creating the blueprint for this project five months ago to address the number of scams on the BSc network and decentralized applications. The aim is to create a secure place for traders and to bridge play-to-earn protocols and yield generating protocols in the same platform. They will release their own individual line of NFT’s that interact directly within their platform and game. 

InFer Token Team have many plans for this project and just recently put together their social media accounts to grow the community and spread the word about this innovative token. 

InFer uses smart contracts to automate processes and to eliminate intermediary parties to guarantee the safety of the liquidity generated for the platform and trading pairs. 

InFer Token Team will utilize professional development companies to build the platform to ensure the completion of the project. 

InFer token is the first of its kind, and all functions are already tested and displayed for the public to see in an easy-to-read and understand format. Crypto can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be, which is why the team is determined to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency and ensure that common people are able to invest securely using decentralized applications. Currently, many people are now knowledgeable about how crypto works and therefore choose not to invest or invest in projects that are scams. With InFer’s community and advanced tokenomics, their team can build a platform for regular people so that they can invest smarter while challenging illiquidity and the volatility of cryptocurrency. This is innovation at its finest.

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