Karema McGhee talks about Holistic Wellness and relaunch of her brand Luxinous

Today, we are interviewing Karema McGhee, a Holistic Health Care Practitioner for over 20 years, and owns Luxinous.com. She is relaunching her brand on June 1st.

How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey?

I’ve changed my perspectives in sacred healing herbs, rituals, and beliefs.
For 20 years, I believed healing to be one way only. As I’ve grown into my self as a woman, as a mother, as a herbalist, I’ve learned that nature understands us all and provides; it is we who lack understanding.
This new understanding sparked a new interest for me to teach through my company Luxinous. To plant seeds for sorting out the myths, stereotypes, and dogma around many beneficial herbs.

What inspires you?

My motivation is education for the masses. It’s empowering, and I want to change the way the world views the sacred healing arts, including smudge tools, incense, herbs, and natural medicine.

Please tell us about your company.

My company actually started in 2003 under the name Sacred Moon and Earth Holistic Wellness Products. That was a long name. You can actually see the evolution of me in the products we offer today.


What’s your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience was back in 2003. I had lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in New Jersey. I decided to convert my dining room into a Holistic Wellness lab. One week later, I was holding wellness classes in my small living room. 20 or 30 people had come to hear me speak in my small 2 bedroom apartment. That day, I unveiled my body butter and body wash full of great ingredients, essential oils, and bottled the night before from my lab, right across from where the crowd had been sitting.

That day taught me much about passion, drive, and people. I learned that day that people generally wanted information they could trust, I had to get over the fear that I could not keep up with the demand; even today, that is a fear I work through daily. Still, my passion will never let me stop.


Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood better before you ever got started?

The one thing I wish I would have understood was just how my own personal evolution would impact my brand. Looking back now, it’s as if I’m looking at a fraction of who I used to be, and this my brand reflects that.


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

The one strategy I learned was to allow my self to evolve without fear. I recall being afraid to launch a new product because I no longer had my dreadlocks or my hair wrap, it was my identity and the one thing that linked my clients to my products. I had to learn to embrace the many changes I would encounter in life and allow change to be reflected in all that I do. As my vision expands, I too expand.

Any message for our readers.

If I could encourage any reader who is reading this, it would be to trust yourself, your instincts, and your own evolution. It will eventually bring you to the part of your journey in life when everything finally makes sense.

How can people connect with you?

You can connect via Instagram or website.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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