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Megan DeLuca – Famous Model

megan deluca

Megan DeLuca had become a celebrity and is most known as a Model in recent times. She has been vocal on how big of a fan of the hit TV series Supernatural she is. She has even had the chance to meet such famous actors as Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and even Jensen Ackles. Megan has been frequently seen attending popular comic gatherings where she was able to meet the actors in person. Megan Deluca has been a member of the famous Model list for a while now.

Rise to fame

When she was 19 years old, she participated in the hit contest “I Love Redheads,” where she was able to win the contest which led to her becoming famous almost overnight and thus began her modeling career and rises to popularity on Instagram, as well as other social media sites. One of her most popular specialties for modeling is swimwear photos. At the time of writing, she has garnered a following of more than one million followers on Instagram, making her a true model celebrity. She has graduated from high school in 2016 while still actively working as a model in the meantime. Although she hasn’t made public which university or school she went to, the only thing we know is that she is undoubtedly an educated girl. She’s was raised in a beautiful place in Philadelphia and remembers her childhood fondly.
Megan is a versatile model and has been mostly focusing on lingerie since she got into the fashion industry.


She’s been working in Philadelphia as a promotional model for the famous clothing line “Luxe Lee,” which focuses on designs specifically for redheads. She’s also been using Patreon to support herself where others can donate to her.


Megan has been outspoken about the fact that she really cherishes the memories while growing up and attributes her success to her supportive mother, who has been supportive of her throughout her journey. Her mother has always pushed her forward and helped her to reach her dreams, for which she is thankful. Megan has also said that as she grew older, her brother has also been very supportive. As she turned 21, she recalls how he used to even buy her drinks all the time, even when she was financially secure at the time.
Alongside her parents, with whom she lived until the age of 17, Megan also has a famous cousin Monique, who is an established singer and a songwriter.

Relationship Status

Megan stated she was still single in 2020 and actually happy about the fact. She said that she is open to having a relationship somewhere along the line, though, and said that good things come to those who wait. Being an intelligent, smart, and caring person – she’s bound to find someone deserving of her along the way.


February 25, 1998

Birth Place

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Zodiac Sign


Some of her pictures:

megan deluca
megan deluca
megan deluca
megan deluca
megan deluca


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