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Jailyne Ojeda – Famous Model


Jailyne’s full name is Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa. Her chief profession is fitness modeling on social media. She started her career by attending Barbizon acting and modeling school in the US. After achieving a bit of success modeling for the South West Modeling Agency, Jailyne sought to attain new highs by sharing her photos on Instagram. These photos quickly spread through the Instagram feed, landing her more than 13 million followers on Instagram alone. Interestingly, one of her Instagram videos received a staggering 1.6 million views in under 24 hours. These virtual achievements sealed her future and ensured her a better life.

Tough Childhood

Jailyne Ojeda’s life has not always been all roses and flowers. She experienced many stumbles as she grew up. Considering that she is a Latino, puberty hit her well before it did for her peers. That sudden change attracted unwanted attention from her classmates, making her the primary target for bullies. She even had disputes with her parents because of early rumors during her childhood. Until this day, she still receives a ton of hate for her main features. Many of her haters question whether she underwent cosmetic surgery or not.

Personal Life

Jailyne’s parents kept their identity unknown to this day. However, rumor has it that her mother’s name is Dulce. All that we know is that she two siblings, a brother named Johnny and a younger sister by the name of Alexia Merari. The Instagram model graduated from both the University of Arizona and Phoenix College. Her dating life, though, is a bit shaky. She is yet to find a suitable boyfriend. This decision also, maybe because all her time is devoted to her profession.


January 9, 1998

Birth Place

Arizona, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Some of her pictures:

Jailyne Ojeda
Jailyne Ojeda
Jailyne Ojeda

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