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Elissa Victoria – Famous Model

elissa victoria

About Elissa Victoria

Elissa Victoria has become massively popular as a model, influencer, YouTuber, as well as dancer, lip-sync artist, and sports car enthusiast.
As you can probably tell, she’s a gifted girl with a wide array of hobbies that she’s become successful in, is there anything this girl can’t do?

Elissa has her own YouTube channel titled after her own name from which she gained her initial popularity, she has managed to amass more than 30 million views over the span of 7 years, and there’s no reason to think she won’t continue to rise in fame as a social media star.

Her Career

Elissa Victoria became a professional YouTuber in 2018 after uploading a variety of bike and car-related videos and vlogs in which she is testing out cars and sometimes bikes as well. She’s often making videos on custom-made cars that are unique and attract fans from all over the world. She’s also known for making videos on the process of modifying cars and showing how various installations and modifications are done to the cars, which make the videos informative, in addition to being fun.
Elissa is also prominent in other social media sites like Instagram, where she has amassed over 230 thousand followers in the span of only a few years, as well as being active on TikTok with over 130 thousand followers, so it’s needless to say she is a popular celebrity by this point. In addition to car-related videos, she has also uploaded a lot of clips with her family, which she holds very dear and speaks highly of. So you can already tell that she’s a popular and well-perceived influencer.
She’s also been adding various lip-sync videos where she shows her talent in making captivating song videos. Dancing is also a passion of hers, and she’s been uploading videos of her dancing routines that have been well received by her fans.

Before Fame

Although Elissa gained worldwide fame in 2018, she had already created her YouTube channel way back in June of 2013 and uploaded a few simple videos where she is hanging around with her friends.

Private life

Elissa has been pretty quiet when it comes to her private life, and nothing concrete is known about her relationship status at the moment. It’s only understandable that she doesn’t want to reveal facts about her personal life, given how famous she has become. It was speculated for a time that Elissa and another famous YouTube autovlogger by the name of Jeremy Formato (who also runs a channel on custom cars) had romantic interests, but there hasn’t been any proof of that, so far.
Whatever the case may be, the future for Elissa looks to be bright, and we can’t wait to see where she will be in a year from now.


March 24, 2001

Birth Place

Houston, Texas, United States

Zodiac Sign


Some of her pictures:

elissa victoria
elissa victoria
elissa victoria
elissa victoria
elissa victoria


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