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Bianca Kmiec – Famous Model and Influencer


About Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec is an American model and fitness social media star. She was born on November 4, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. Bianca has amassed over 940k+ followers on her Instagram account, which she frequently updates with whatever is going on in her life. Her following continues to grow, and at only 22 years old, as of the time of writing this article, it doesn't look like she will be slowing down at all.

Some Trivia for Bianca

She is an ambassador for the brand Fashion Nova. She has a successful fitness modeling career and has collaborated with a dozen of commercials throughout the years.
Bianca's Instagram account is nearly a million followers, making her one of the most famous influencers coming from the United States.
Bianca has appeared as the cover girl for the Fitness Gurls Magazine.

How did she rise to fame?

Bianca found worldwide success after appearing in a music video for DJ Khaled, which was followed by another spectacular appearance in none other than Justin Bieber'sBieber's track “I'm the one.” These appearances catapulted her into stardom, and she has steadily grown ever since.
Bianca also has a self-titled YouTube channel that was created on August 9, 2016, which has over 6k subscribers as of now.
What does she like to do besides modeling?
Bianca knows the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle, so she stays active and frequently visits the gym. Apart from that, she also enjoys reading and has stated that she tries to read at least 2 books every month to keep her mind sharp. Bianca also likes photography and everything that comes with it, she frequently posts pictures that she has taken on her Instagram feed, and some of them are truly stunning. She has a talent for that. She also enjoys traveling and tries to go on a trip for a few days at least every two months or so.

Life before fame and family

While she is currently active mostly on Instagram, Bianca initially started with Twitter, one of her first more memorable activities on the platform being a retweet of Taylor Gabbard, who had tweeted, “Come on people, if you don't like someone you don't need to be mocking them publicly.”. She also found out that she is of Polish, German, Spanish, Native American, Austrian and Italian descent, making her ancestorial roots quite varied. In addition to her parents, Bianca isn't an only child and has a brother named Brandon about who she speaks very highly of. She has also appeared together with him on multiple occasions on Instagram and other social media outlets.
Bianca is associated with the fellow Instagram model and influencer Sophia Miacova. They've both been featured on the fitnessgirlmotivation Instagram account on multiple occasions. The sky is the limit for Bianca, and it's interesting to think where she will be in a year's time, seeing how popular she already is.


November 41998

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Some of her pictures:

Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

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