Check out ‘Poetry book with songs’ for a journey into beauty by Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik is a poet, writer, and musician who always inspires his songs. Drawing from songwriters who came before from the American and Russian scenes, he creates beautiful music and lyrics. His new book showcases his skill as a poet and translator of poetry, featuring his original songs and poems by one of the most popular poems of the 20th century from Russia, Bulat Okudzhava.

Okudzhava has served as one of the main sources of inspiration for Genadinik’s own songs and musical style, so there is a lot of resonance there, between the lyrics of both and the way in which Alex translates and adapts his iconic poems to English. His works are philosophical, deep, and reflective, definitely worth a look and a listen.

Genadinik’s own work is also inspiring. It is full of beauty, with a dreamlike quality that brings the listeners along for a poetic journey. Even separated from his music, the poems stand powerfully on their own and encourage readers to look up the songs themselves and become submerged in the musical delight that the artist offers. 

Genadinik wants to create music and texts that are truly beautiful and full of positive emotions, taking the listener to lovely places through the combination of harmonious chords and delightful poems. In addition to Okudzhava, he draws inspiration from other classic songwriters and poets of the 20th century from Russian and America, such as Bob Dylan. Like his idols, Genadinik is careful and skilled with his words to create just the right impact on the reader or the listener. His songs are relatable and able to reach any person emotionally, and they all create a unique and distinct experience for the audience. With a strong sense of relatability, his work is sure to appeal to a wide audience, in particular those looking for heartwarming and emotional music that will inspire different feelings, those who love songwriting as poetic art, and those looking for something stylish that draws inspiration from true masters in the art. Genadinik’s songs follow a long tradition of songwriting that is insightful with its lyrics and offers music that is full of harmony. His book is a perfect option for anyone looking for inspiring poetry from two masters of the craft.

In addition to his poetic and musical work, Alex is a respected member of the e-learning industry. He is a top online instructor offering courses in business and marketing that can be found on Udemy and other leading platforms. He is an effective teacher and coach with his own unique specialization that draws many students to his courses and other work.

You can discover more of Alex’s work on his website, where you can listen to the music and check out the lyrics. Make sure to buy the book on Kindle and Amazon if you want a physical copy. You can preview the book here. Also, you can follow Alex on Instagram @AlexGenadinikMusic.

If you are interested in his work as a professional educator and coach, check out the link here.


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