BetterAuds Archives of September 2021


Hey guys, It’s time for the monthly blog archives once again. In September, We published a total of 26 blog posts.

At BetterAuds, we want to inspire our readers by sharing success stories from people around the world. We got the opportunity to share success stories of achievers from multiple fields including Musicians, Authors and Entrepreneurs. You can also check out our August monthly archive blog post.

Here is a Summary of this month’s Archives

You can catch up with any of these posts, please see them below:

Success Stories:

Vanalika Shan enchants her fans with dreamy vocals and heartfelt style in her newest release – (I’m) Crazy.

Albert Mikkelsen is spreading his musical aura through the latest track, Demerol.

‘Gold Souls’ has churned out profound rock beats with mighty vocals in their sophomore single ‘Know Your Kind’.

Rising Star Leol’s latest single ‘Move’ uplifts your mood with a powerful theme of love, infatuation, and seduction.

MR.Slade’s latest single ‘Call Me’ is full of 80’s metal spirit, hard rock, and an infusion of modernity.

Rejuvenate the flavors of rock with Sam Bowman Band’s Album – ‘A Story of Galactic Imperialism: Part I (Acts I – XIII)’

PettySagg is spreading positive vibes through his new release ‘I’m On the Way’.

Rapper Diamond Tuff’s new romantic song ‘Bitch Woah’ shares the story of falling in love.

Style isn’t just what you wear but an embodiment of who you are, shares Kyle Thomson – CEO of K25-style.

Tideon: A New Myth is the latest children’s book by Business Journalist and Author Elizabeth MacDonald.

Young and talented rapper Missing-Nin captivates the fans with his release ‘Tell Me’

Robert White delivers a perfect romantic melody in his latest release Candy.

London-based band Angel and Co’s latest single ‘Can I Get a Witness’ is a blend of pop-rock with indie music!

The experiences and emotions in Skye Stories Trilogy will definitely strike a chord, says Author Raymond Moore!

Ztilo woos his fans with a sizzling R&B delicacy in his latest single Peligrosa.

Let’s take a journey into the flavors of the world with Food Explorer John Nazari

An Avid Cat Lover and Author, Laura Ford talks about her latest novel – Sounds Like Love.

Aditya Manggala’s latest single Ms. Reality takes the listeners on an emotional ride of highs and lows of a relationship.

Good Dogs by Mry Contreras is an all-in-one help guide to raise a healthy, active, and happy dog!

Rejuvenating the flavors of electric and classic hard rock, Canadian band Mercury Messiah has debuted with Sunlight Surfing.

Emerging hip hop artist Leo Miyagee makes an impressive album ‘Act III’

Rendezvous with Gary C. Laney, Author of The Power of Strategic Influence!: 10 Success Factors of Highly Influential Leaders

An interaction with Diane Grimard Wilson, Applied Neuroscientist, Peak performance coach and Author of Brain Dance.

Indulge in moments of nostalgia with hip-hop artist Brandon Blvd’s track, Dark Rooms and Cartoons

She loves helping women achieve the looks they always dreamed of. Meet Bianca, Founder of Imagine You New!

Experience relaxed tropical beats and positivity in ‘Lay-Up,’ the latest track by NuKarma


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