70% of website visitors leave and never return, and many businesses suffer because of it. Those are the potential prospects that could have been converted into customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can convert those visitors who abandon your website, into email subscribers?

That’s where OptinMonster helps companies and individuals get more subscribers. OptinMonster helps people grow their email list and get more subscribers with pop-ups and other types of high converting opt-in forms.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin for creating unique subscribe forms. OptinMonster helps you show the right offer to the right people at the right time to grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales.

For example, when a visitor is on your website and when the visitor wants to exit the site. Generally, the visitor clicks the cross button on the browser. It is at this time that a pop-up can be shown to the visitor with an offer.


If the visitor is interested, he might go for the offer by entering his email address in the form. 

This form is being shown to the visitor through the Optinmonster plugin.

What if I already am using an Email Marketing Solution?

One most important feature for such a plugin is that it should have the ability to integrate with other already popular Email marketing solutions. So that if anyone already has been using such popular tools such as : MailChimp, Aweber, Drip, sendgrid, constant contact, icontact etc. So, they should be able to get new subscribers via Optinmonster in their existing lists. That is possible through Optinmonster because it allows integrations with such email marketing tools, which is a big plus for such a tool.

Is a Lead Generation Plugin really a necessity for your business?

Come on, man, I am using good email marketing solution providers such as Aweber. They give me the option to build a sign-up form. Why do I need to use another plugin to do that?

Yes, you are right. You do not need another plugin for a sign-up form. But there is something that Aweber and other email marketing solution providers do not have. That is the Exit Intent Technology.

Exit Intent Technology, What is that?

It helps you track the behavior of a user’s mouse and prompt them with a focused message at the exact moment they are about to leave the website. By doing this, the visitors can be re-engaged, and it can help the website owner to gain a subscriber. 

Exit-intent helps in increasing conversions. OptinMonster is among the leaders in exit-intent technology.

Not just that, it has more!


OptinMonster allows you to segment or divide your email list and categorize your subscribers based on their interest areas. It categorizes them based on their interaction with your website. Once you have a segmented list of subscribers, you can send them targeted messages which are more relevant to them. This helps in communicating with them via more relevant emails, thus resulting in:

  • Higher open rates
  • Better click-through rate
  • More sales
  • Greater revenue
  • Higher customer retention
  • Lower unsubscribe rates

You can create multiple types of sign up forms using Optinmonster. You can place them at different places on your WordPress site. Check out the types of sign up forms they provide:

  • Lightbox Popup Optin
  • Floating Footer Bar Optin
  • Slick Slide-in Optin
  • Inline Sidebar Optin
  • Inline Post Optin
  • Exit Intent Optin

Oh man! I know those are too many options.

And below are some more benefits of such a tool:

1. Simplicity

It is pretty simple to set it up. You can easily customize the opt-in forms and also do A/B split testing, which is testing which forms perform better!

2. Many opt-in types: 

As one of the market leaders, they have numerous opt-in options: Exit Intent, Welcome Mat, Pop-ups, Floating Bar, In-line Forms.

3. Advanced targeting capabilities you would love to have on your site

Although Page level targeting is conventional among several lead generation tools, they have two more features that set them apart from most competitors:

  • On-Site Retargeting – show different content after visitors opt-in
  • Targeting via Geo-Location– show different messages based on the location of the visitor. Wow, isn’t that cool?

4. Multi-step forms

Yeah, this is one cool feature. The most known use is YES / No forms. Marketing geniuses recommend that if you start with a lower commitment from your visitor, you can get higher conversions.

For example, if they click the YES button, they are more likely to submit their email address in step 2.

5. You don’t need a designer, There sign-up form templates are beautiful

Having good looking templates means you don’t need to hire a designer. That can help you save costs, and you can create your forms quickly. Great looking forms would also result in excellent user experience.


It is a well-known fact that by using email, it is much simpler to interact with customers at a relatively economical cost. But first, you will need to capture the email address of your prospects to start your marketing campaign. And Optinmonster is a great way to do that!